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Facts and Information about the Southern State Correctional Facility

Facts and Information about the Southern State Correctional Facility 

SSCF is a Central Level male facility with 370 beds, not counting our admissions area. Constructed on the facility began in 2002 and started operations as Vermont’s newest facility on October 6th, 2003 when we accepted our first offenders.

SSCF has a current allotment of 146 state employee positions. You also should add our contracted staff members to that number, they provide medical, mental health, dental, and other program services to our site.

The facility is a campus style correctional institution that encompasses over 27 acres and includes six buildings; the core facility, three inmate housing units, an emergency energy building and a maintenance building. The SSCF campus includes modernized medical facilities with an infirmary for acute care, x-ray, dental and optometry services. Additionally, SSCF contains a housing unit for elderly and chronically ill offenders, a Secure Mental Health Stabilization unit, Mental Health Transitional unit, and the state’s largest Close-Custody unit for housing disruptive inmates. SSCF also serves Orange, Windham, Windsor and parts of Bennington County by accepting detainees from local, county and state law-enforcement in these territories, serving a dual purpose as a jail as well as a prison.

We are also very proud to be one of 16 campuses of the Community High School of Vermont (CHSV).

The Community High School of Vermont “is a fully accredited high school through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C)”.1



1Community High School of Vermont Annual Report 2009-2010

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