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Northeast Regional Correctional Facility - 25th Anniversary Team

Northeast Regional Correctional Facility - 25th Anniversary Team Duane Stetson Mark Russell Beau Johnson Scott Shafer Bob Sylvester Roger Heywood Celeste Girrell Kathy Flum

Northeast Regional Correctional Facility  - 25thAnniversary Team


Duane Stetson, Mark Russell, Beau Johnson, Scott Shafer,  Bob Sylvester, Roger Heywood, Celeste Girrell, Kathy Flum


On April 12, 1982, Door #101, also known as the entrance door to the St.  Johnsbury Community Correctional Center opened.  Now known as the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility (NRCF) this facility has had quite a significant impact on the landscape of modern corrections.  Having replaced the obsolete "Cherry Street Jail" in St.  Johnsbury, the NRCF's influence within its community, the DOC, and the people it has served is difficult to deny and continues to grow.   There are several staff that are working at NRCF that were there on opening day.  Of note, Superintendent Celeste Girrell, Chief of Security, Mark Russell, Supervisors Roger Heywood, Bob Sylvester, Scott Shafer, Kathy Flum, Duane Stetson, and arriving at the doors six months after they opened, Acting SOS / Casework Supervisor Beau Johnston, also has showed amazing loyalty and dedication with his peers at the NRCF.

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