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Coming Home

Coming Home provides an in-depth look at the work of Circles of Support and Accountability (COSAs) in Vermont.

Coming Home

The film focuses on five individuals (“Core Members”) as they navigate the challenges of reentering their communities after incarceration.

COSAs are operated statewide through VT DOC-funded Community Justice Centers and are made up of community volunteers who meet once a week for a year with those coming out of prison to create strong bonds of support, friendship and accountability as they work to become healthy and safe members of society. The goal of COSA is No More Victims.

Coming Home takes a close-up and powerful look at this COSA process, the struggles, and challenges of folks coming out of prison, and the successes of this restorative approach to reentry.

Bess O’Brien is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and theater producer whose work focuses on pressing social issues. Her films shed light on the human stories behind opiate addiction, foster care, domestic violence, eating disorders, incarceration, and bullying.

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