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Restorative Justice

In recognizing that crime causes injury to people and communities, restorative practices seek to repair those injuries by encouraging and supporting parties with a stake in a particular offense to participate in its resolution. Vermont is a nationally recognized leader in the development of community-based restorative justice and services to victims.

Circles of Support & Accountability

Reparative Program in the News:

Vermont Editon - "Addressing Recidivism with Community"

Volunteer Boards Face Challenge

Study:Novel Sentencing Program Really Works

Restorative Practices:

  • Hold offenders accountable for trying to identify the harm done and determining what must be done to address that harm
  • Increase communication, improve problem solving and promote new ways to deal with conflict
  • Advance neighborliness and contribute to building a strong sense of community

Case Studies

Restorative Justice is the law in Vermont.

Restorative Justice is building better communities.

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