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List of Services

Much like the advocates from local law enforcement agencies and/or the State’s Attorney’s Office who provide services to crime victims during the time of arrest and trial, the Department of Correction’s Victim Service Specialists (VSS) in the Victims Services Program are available to support victims during the time the offender in their case is under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, whether incarcerated, on furlough, on parole or on probation. 

The Victim Services Program staff can provide the following services:

  • Information about;
    • What rights a crime victim has and what role they can play after sentencing
    • How to find out where the offender is located and what his/her release status is
    • What programs the offender is participating in and how supervision is progressing
    • How a victim can participate in the Parole Board hearing
    • How a victim can give input into offender release planning and conditions of supervision
    • Programs offered by other victim service agencies, including counseling, and Victims Compensation
    • Registering for Victim Notification
  • Safety planning and victim wrap-around services so that victims feel safe as the offender reenters the community
  • Crisis intervention, advocacy, and support
  • Facilitating ongoing communication between DOC staff and victims, including sharing  release concerns and stopping unwanted offender contact (phone calls/mail from the prison)
  • Preparation for, escort/accompaniment to Parole Board Hearings
  • Facilitating a dialogue through the Victim Offender Dialogue Program or helping a victim become a speaker for a Victim Impact Panel
  • Connecting victims to local resources and services such as support groups and counseling
  • Learn how to create a place setting for the Victims Awareness Display  Saving a Place at the Table
  • Learn more about the Apology Letter Bank
  • Homicide Survivor Family and Friend Support Group


For more information about the Crime Victim Services Department of the Vermont Department of Corrections, please contact:

Director of Victim Services
Vermont Department of Corrections
103 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671
Phone: (888)810-1847